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"The Precious Presents""
This website has been designed to help you create your own unique gifts; gifts of yourself; gifts that reflect your own personality; gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.  From family keepsakes to special remembrances, "The Precious Presents" will give you exciting ideas to make your gifts more personal, more treasured and more thoughtful.  "The Precious Presents" will be updated weekly so stop back frequently for new handcrafted, handmade-with-love ideas, to check our archives for projects you might have missed and to e-mail your own precious present ideas to us to pass on to others.  Gifts made by the hand and given from the heart!  Handcrafted gifts made by a true artisan -You!
To save and give memories is definitely a holiday tradition the world around and these "stained glass" look picture ornaments will be treasured for many years to come. The beauty of the transparent picture that almost seems to glow in holiday lights floating in the glass bubble of the bulb catches our eyes and our imaginations as we enjoy our loved ones pictures on the tree.
A Gift Of Love Box is easy to make and personalize but is a treasured gift.
From Children to Grandparents, anyone can make or appreciate this simple yet heart felt declaration of love. This page is filled with gift ideas, wedding ideas, Christmas ideas as well as decorating and favor ideas.
A Pressed Glass, Collage or  Memory Glass Pendant is a wonderful way to turn a memory into a cherished keepsake, mark an achievement or express your uniqueness through art.  Creative ideas, instructions and gift suggestions only a click away.
Heirloom Collage Jewelry is a fun and beautiful expression of personal artistic creativity and makes a keepsake gift.  The designs are unlimited and can be personalized with names, charms, pictures and family heirlooms.  From antique button, heirloom lace and old watches, create unique jewelry.
Give for an Anniversary gift, Birthday gift, Mother's Day Gift or no reason.
Create personalized family treasures with Etched Glass Gifts.  Great ideas for Weddings or Wedding Showers, Anniversaries and Christmas. Put your own artistic flair to Christmas Tree Ornaments, Platters, Bowls, Champagne Flutes, Glass Picture Frames, Mirrors, Wine Glasses, Wine Bottles and more.
Story beaded bracelets are jewelry that tells a story.  A lovely gift for weddings, Mothers' Day, gifts of Hope, Inspiration and Faith.  Tell a story with your gift of a Story Bracelet, Inspiration Bracelet or Salvation Bracelet.  Each colored bead represents a date of birth or part of a scripture.
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Feel Better
A "Feel Better" Book or a "Get Well" journal is a very appreciated gift for those facing long recoveries or prolonged illness.  It can also be a great gift for children as they will learn how to keep track of when they take their medication, who sent them gifts and how to send Thank You notes.  It will also help occupy them on long restless afternoons as they decorate and draw in their book.  This health organizer is a must have.
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A Peek a Boo bag or Peek a Boo pocket is a wonderfully entertaining as well as an educational gift for children.  Hidden in the plastic beads are a variety of fun things to find that include basic shapes, colors and alphabet cubes!  Great for long rides and sitting still at church, the doctors office or just quiet time.
A "You are Loved" or "You are Special"  book is a book customized for your loved ones with special messages, advise and encouragement from their family and friends.  A wonderful gift for 16th Birthday, Graduation, Off to College or adapt for a Wedding Gift or Anniversary Gift.
Badge or Achievement pins are a wonderful way to encourage children as they reach for new heights.  Just as a teacher uses stickers and smiley faces to reward students or the girls scouts use fabric badges that have to be earned,  different colored bead pin "badges" can be earned and added to the large pin as children learn new things such as their alphabet, spelling or math and wear their "Achievement Pin proudly.