Precious Presents
Badge Pins or Achievement Pins
Badge or Achievement pins are a wonderful way to encourage children as they reach for new heights.  Just as a teacher uses stickers and smiley faces to reward students or the girls scouts use fabric badges that have to be earned,  different colored bead pin "badges" can be earned and added to the large pin as children learn new things such as their alphabet, spelling or math and wear their "Achievement Pin proudly.    What does your child need encouragement to reinforce? Doing chores, going to bed without a fuss, being nice, sharing, tieing shoes?
Let the child "earn" their "pin badge" through their efforts and watch them beam as they wear their pin with personal pride.
Use the gold stars (which are buttons) for special achievements.
Instructions For Bead Badge Pins

I purchased safety pins that were multi colored in Red, Blue, Purple, and Green and two sizes.  I also purchased a bag of glass with holes big enough to slip over the pin.  If you want your beads to be all of one color, sort the beads until you have enough to fill one of the small (approx. 1" )  pins.  Continue until you have 5 or 6 pins full of beads.  Take one of the large safety pins and gently open the spiral loop at the end with a nail file or screw driver until you have enough room in the loop to slip the loop of the small safety pin around it.  Be careful not to distort the shape of the pin, just spread the loop opening so that the small pins will slip around it.  To put the safety pins on the larger pin, hold the pin with the beads facing you and the pin head to the left.  This will ensure the beads will fall to the front as in the picture.