Precious Presents
"Feel Better Book" or "Get Well" Journal
Instructions for personalization.
You will find the list of pages for the Get Well of Feel Better Books for reference below.
To assemble your book you will need to cut and paste my pages or create your own and print them out and punch holes to fit in the 3-ring binder book.  You can use colored papers or age appropriate pretty computer stationary.

Assemble your gift book starting with the Title Page
  .  Personalize the title page with the name of the recipient.  For Example, "Becky's Feel Better Book".   You could also put who the gift is from on this page if you would like.  The title page would slip into the clear or translucent front cover of your 3-ring binder notebook if you bought that type of book.  If not, use it as your first page.

The next page will be your Introduction Page where you can personalize the book even more.  Look at my example but use your own ideas,  for example, "To speed your recovery from knee surgery" or whatever they may be facing.  Be tactful when addressing the issue of cancer.
This will be the second page of your book.

I would then insert my first divider/pocket page with "Doctor" in the tab.

The next page will be the Doctor's Page.   This is where they will keep all their doctor's names, numbers descriptions etc.
Depending on the recovery they are facing (like an outpatient procedure with only one Doctor) they may not even need a doctors page but if they are facing a cancer recovery they with have multiple doctors and you should include at least 3 pages with 3 or 4 doctors listing s on each page. 

Insert your next tabbed divider/pocket page after the doctors pages and mark "Medications". This pocket page will be especially handy to store the instruction sheets that accompany the medications.

Your next pages can be the Medications Page
Keeping track of the medications can be a very crucial part of recovery.  Again, the amount of pages will correlate with the illness or recovery but the great thing about the ring binder book is they can always add more pages if needed.
Copy my medications page or create your own as needed.

Insert your next tabbed divider/pocket page and mark "Visitors".  This pocket page is handy to keep cards the patient has received.

The Visitors Page will help you keep track of who came to visit and when.  This can be very helpful as the memories can all run together during an illness or caregivers can make note of it if the patient was asleep or unable to see the visitor.

Insert another tabbed divider/pocket page and mark "Gifts".
These pockets are a good place to put the "Thank You' cards.

The Gift Pages will help them keep track of who gave what and if they have been thanked and how.

Insert another tabbed divider/pocket page marked "Diary".

The Daily Diary pages are just for personal notes etc.  You can try to determine the number of days the patient will need diary entries and include that number of entries in the book.

Insert another tabbed divider/pocket page into the book if you are going to have Coupon pages.

The Coupon Pages I give are merely an example so try to personalize them to your patient.  If the patient is very young maybe the coupons could be for Reading a Book or a favorite snack or playing a game.  For an older teen the coupon could be for walking their dog, a favorite snack, movie rentals etc.  For an adult, the coupons could be for any household chore that would be a burden to them, to just sit and talk, a ride to a doctors appointment, to watch their children or  to pick up groceries and medication. 

Think about the person receiving the book and consider if there are anymore pages you could include.  If the patient is a cancer survivor, include the Cancer Cannot Poem.  (The definition of a cancer survivor is you are a survivor from the minute you are diagnosed.)  Also consider personal messages or quotes throughout the book.  This really makes the book even more personal.  For a patient of any age, add age appropriate stickers so they can decorate their book or Thanks You notes and just have fun with it.