Precious Presents
Glass Christmas Photo Bulbs
To save and give memories is definitely a holiday tradition the world around and these "stained glass" like bulbs will be treasured for many years. The beauty of the transparent picture that almost seems to glow in holiday lights floating in the glass bubble of the bulb catches our eyes and our imaginations as we enjoy our loved ones pictures on the tree. Glass picture bulbs similar to the ones shown above were given to me as a Christmas gift with pictures of my grandchildren inside and I absolutely cherish them.  I love the idea so much that I gave them as gifts to my friends and family the following year and everyone loved the idea and was crazy about their bulbs.  I have even used them for a Relay For Life Fundraiser.  My photos are not the best as the glass bulbs and the transparent photos inside are hard to photograph but on the Christmas Tree with twinkling lights or hanging on an ornament display hanger- They are  truly lovely and a gift you will be proud to give!  My favorite presentation of these bulbs is to make about half a dozen with bright curly ribbons to accent the colors in the photo and fill a jeweled wire basket or open weave basket with them and then decorate the handle of the basket with matching ribbon and a big curly bow. 
Instructions for Glass Christmas Photo Bulbs
Additional Ideas
*Use as place markers-
   Set the tables and create a nest on each plate with the napkin to rest their own bulb in.
*Table decorations-
   Fill a large glass bowl with the bright ornaments or use a multi level candle taper holder to hold the bulbs
*Nest the bulbs in a holiday arrangement with Christmas lights or candles to reflect the light and make the bulbs glow-
*Tie the ornament to a holiday wreath for gift giving-
*Hang in a window
   Tie a varying lengths of ribbon to each bulb and stagger their height in a picture window.
*Hostess Gift-
   Present the hostess with a beautiful ornament or two
*Baby Shower Gifts-
   Take the picture from the baby announcement and use it to create a "baby's first ornament".  Better make one for each of the Grandma's too so their won't be any fighting over it.
*Wedding Keepsakes
   Make one for the Bride and Groom for their "First" Christmas ornament and a lifelong keepsake.
*Wedding Favor
   Save bundles of money by giving each guest a bulb with the bride and grooms picture in it as a keepsake!
*Teachers Gifts
   Take a picture of the class and present the ornament to the teacher/s to remember the class by.  Important to include the year.
*Anniversary Gifts
   A wedding picture or recent picture with "Happy 50th" and the year will be a cherished heirloom for the family.  Why not make enough for the whole family.
        Supplies- *Multi-Purpose Transparency Film/Paper Sold in
                         office supply stores
                        *67mm Glass Craft Bulbs sold in craft stores
                        *Decorative ribbons and trims
        Tools-        *Tweezers, craft scissors and a pencil
                        *Computer with printer and photo program