Precious Presents
"You Are Special" Book
The You Are Special Book is a one of a kind gift that everyone should have the opportunity to receive once in their lifetime and hopefully while they are younger so they can use the knowledge that the book holds to fulfill their dreams.
Imagine this if you will, a book with all the sage advise and messages of love from your Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Uncles and loved ones.  How perfectly priceless would a book like this be to you!  As time passes, so do our loved ones and then this book becomes a priceless family heirloom to treasure.
My family has used this book for Graduation Gifts for several years and the responses have been fantastic. Our original intention that as they face the loneliness and isolation of college where their values and boundaries are tested that they would have this book to help them  remember who they are, what good qualities people see in them and how much they are loved.  This book could also be used for someone going into the military service, facing an illness, going through a difficult life change or even as a wedding gift where family and guests could write about the happy couple and offer advise for a happy marriage. 
I have not included a picture of the book because the outside cover is not nearly as important as the contents.  This is how you create the
"You Are Special" Book!

Question #1- What quality or qualities do you admire most about(fill in name)?

Question #2-What advise can you offer (fill in name) about their future?

Question #3 -Do you have a favorite quote that you would like to share with (fill in name)?

Question #4- What are some of your  special memories of (fill in name)?

Question #5- Please finish this statement; "I always think of (fill in name) when . . .

Question #6- A special message for (fill in name)

#7 - Please share a special prayer with (fill in the name)

You also might ask them to send you a special picture of (fill in the name) and them together to put in the book and surprise them with.
Assembling the "You Are Special" book
First of all you may call it whatever you would like for example the "You Are Loved" book, the "We are Proud of You "  book.  Think of the situation, what you are wishing to express and the person receiving the book and come up the title that is perfect for your gift.

Collect all your  answers on scrap or notebook paper until you are ready to transfer it into the book.  You could print it off on the computer but I preferred hand writing it as it is more personal.  You might even wish to try a calligraphy marker available at office supply stores for flair.

Collect your quotes (from the internet, the Bible or a quote book) and perhaps even find some appropriate to the person being interviewed like one about Grandmothers before the Grandmothers page etc.

I spaced each set of interview pages and each set of quote pages so that were one or two blank pages in between them and and even spaced each questions and answer approx. 2 or 3 inches apart so that the recipient could make notes if they wished.   The blank pages give the recipient room for their own quotes, pictures, memories and self expression. 

Add your own creativity to the book with stickers, stamping, scrap booking, painting, markers and pictures.