This is your 'Feel Better' journal. 

The lavender pages are designed for you to fill in and keep track of all of your friend's and family's visits so you can remember who came to see you.

The pink pages can help you enjoy and remember the wonderful and thoughtful special gifts you receive and how you thanked the giver for that gift.  

The green pages are to write down your doctors names, contact information and anything you might want to remember about their visit.

The white pages are your "Daily Diary" so that you can write down your thoughts and feelings as you recover.

There are no blue pages because this is a "happy" book.

The clear colored pockets in the back are for you to keep your cards, letters and other cool stuff in (Like that cross made of tape the nurse gave you)

Inside the clear pocket pages you will find some stickers that you can decorate your pages with, 12 "Thank You" notes to say thank you and 12 "Blank" notes to say whatever you want.

One day, when you are feeling better you can look back on this book, read your cards again, remember the gifts you received and remember how much you are loved by EVERYONE!

Feel Better soon from two of those people who love you so very much,
Precious Presents
"Feel Better" Journal Introduction Page
Remember that this is a page from My Feel Better Journal gifts and therefore it is personalized for my recipient.  Use this as an idea to create your own "Intro" page.  Think of the person you are giving the book to and what you would like them to feel when they use the book and what you would like them to achieve by using the book and express that to them on this page. Let your mind soar!
Made by the hand - given from the heart!
My Example
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