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Medications Pages
Medication___________________________ Date Started________,

How and when is this taken_________________________________,


Side Effects Patient Experienced_____________________________,


Prescribed By___________________________________________,
Medications pages are very important especially at a time when the patient is receiving many new prescriptions for different things and their  attention is not as good as it should be or their minds are being affected by medication.  This page can greatly help the caregiver and the patient themselves as well as anyone else helping out know exactly what medication, when and how it should be taken.  The side effects section helps the doctor evaluate the medication vs the side effects and helps the patient keep track of side effects.  My personal example is a medication made me sick once and when it was prescribed to me again I knew by my pages that I was not able to tolerate it but I would not have remembered otherwise.
Copy this medications info several times per page and as many pages as needed or personalize your own pages for your recipient.
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